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Learn Filmmaking and
Start An Exciting New Career

In the Piedmont Community College Film and Video Production Technology program we use a class project paradigm as the structure for training. The faculty select the projects that the students work on. Projects are shot on HD digital video or 16 mm film with running times of 5 to 90 minutes. We produce one large project or several small projects each semester.

Our guest artists and adjunct instructors, who serve as mentors on the productions, are all working professionals who either own their own film/video production companies or work as freelance film/video professionals. The full time staff has extensive experience in professional film and video work.

By working with professionals the students learn proper procedures, nomenclature and good work habits. The adjunct/mentors also serve as a networking resource for our graduates. Several of our graduates are presently employed at companies owned by our adjunct’s.

We partner with other two-year four-year colleges and universities like Duke University, UNCG, NCSA, NCA&T, Chapman University and GTCC to increase our outreach and to expand the scope of the class projects by cost, resource and infrastructure sharing.:.

Our program has distinguished itself by winning awards and other recognition for many of the class projects we have produced. Our goal is for the students to leave our program with a portfolio of award winning professional projects that showcase their skills as film and video professionals. You can also this guide to learn how to burn your WMV videos to a DVD.

The PCC FVPT equipment package is a complete independent feature film production package. We have a five-ton grip truck, lights ranging in size from 200 Watts to 12,000 Watts, a movie-quiet 500 AMP generator and two camera dollies. We own 3 film cameras and 20 HD and DV video cameras including an Arri SR II 16 mm camera package. There are also two complete digital tapeless audio capture packages.

Our Digital Editing lab includes 21 workstations. The lab workstations include the following professional software: Final Cut Pro, PhotoShop, After Effects, Dreamweaver and DVD Studio Pro.